New beginnings…I need them…regularly

I love reading about the Year of Jubillee in the Old Testament.  It was God’s way of giving the Isrealites a new beginning, a time to set straight whatever might have gone crooked, it was hope.  The year of Jubillee communicated to the Isrealites that they would be able to start fresh again, that they weren’t to live trapped by their mistakes or life’s circumstances forever, they would get a second chance.

This is the year of Jubillee for Dustin and myself.  We have been married for 7 years, and it’s time for us to start fresh in many ways.  So much has happened over the last 7 years.  We moved across the country, we are serving in a new church community full time, we have had 2 kids and we bought a house!  Wow.  We have experienced blessing upon blessing.  In fact, we have experienced blessing in the midst of poor choices.  And so, we start fresh.  We accept God’s hope of beginning again and we embrace change.

We begin again with our food choices, our lifestyle choices, and our financial choices.  We are planning for change with intention, thought, prayer, discipline and hope.

I both love and hate change.  I love variety, but laziness often keeps me from true change.  I often dread the thought of making major changes within myself.  However, this year, I am really excited about the long road in the right direction.  I know change is hard at times, but I anticipate the freedom and empowerment I will feel when sticking to our plan.  I fully expect this time next year for my life to look different in some ways.  And honestly, I will be really discouraged if it doesn’t.

So I welcome you, 2013, let’s do this!